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Public Relations Vs Human Resources



By Tunde Eso, 

Public Relations Specialist

To further enrich world’s economy business sector knowledge base elicit the aforesaid topic, thereby providing logical trend to specialists in the duo thus.


Without a battery in a mobile phone, the phone tends to be non functional, whereas without a charger to boost up this battery, the battery seems to be non functional in turn.

Symbolically, a company seems to be non functional with public relations which stands for the battery that serves as the life of an organisation, while human resource stands for the charger that helps in boosting up the battery to make it functional, which is public relation.

The duo, are two different fields, which partners together to build a relationship and grow a business. Although it has been noted that effective public relations is about being proactive, not just reactive to situations on brand. In this context the public relations officer is bagged with the responsibility of the pro-activeness of brands.

Taking out public relations from an organisation is more or less like toiling with the progress of such organisation. Public relations as a context may sound simple, but it involves tremendous effort in strengthening the progress of an organisation.

On the other hand, the importance of human resources in an organisation cannot be over emphasized as it helps in monitoring the progress of an organization towards achieving their stated goal through strategic planning.

No doubts, over the years public relations has proven to be a field that is highly essential to organisations, as it has helped organizations in promoting and increasing relations in the domestic market by enabling collaborations between organizations. Benefits like brand reputation, improved relations with personalities and management of crisis has been ensured through public relations.

Public relations, has also helped in improving ties with industries. It is a very powerful tool which has been employed in organisation, especially in the advertising sector, to maintain reputations, creation of image and image building.

Since image is the important trait and it speaks of the status of an organisation, among every other professions, public relations tends to stand firmly and maintaining a great seat in the height of image creation and building.

Human resources, on its own part, performs various typical functions, some of which includes; interviewing, hiring, training, maintaining employees benefit, recruitment, overseeing disciplinary measures, supervisions and providing counseling for employees.

As earlier stated in the introductory paragraph, referring the human resources as a charger that boost up the battery which is public relations, one can likely conclude that it is through the activities of the human resource that public relations comes about.

The human resources are centered with the responsibilities of hiring, training and counseling employees, public relation officers are not exemption of these employees. When i say the duo works hand in hand, I am undeniably stating the fact.

Communicating on the benefits and importance of public relations and human resources without spelling out its meaning and definition would be highly unethical, that is what brings us to the big question of what is a public relations and what is human resources?

Public relations practitioners have defined public relations from their different perspective. According to Rafael Salak (communication lead at Prowly), he defined public relations as a communication of an intended message, that aims to result in a shift of audience towards attitude (towards a person, brand and event).

Jordan Townley (PRS/CSR Specialist) defines it as ensuring that one’s brand has a clear message and successful public relations is ensuring that the message is effectively interpreted to the right audience.

Tunde Eso -2019 (Public Relations Specialist) defines public relations as the department that stands as the ‘picture symbol’ of an organisation thereby saddled with the responsibilities of projecting and maintaining the internal and external image of such organization. 

Public relations specialist must be sensitive to the needs, attitudes, and opinions of their audience because he or she must keep the public informed of their employers’ current goals and policies.  All companies most have a department of public relations or a person in charge of public relations.

Stephen Waddington, on his own part, describes public relations as the practice of understanding the purpose of an organisation, and its relationship within the society.

Just like public relations practitioners have defined public relations; scholars in the field of human resource have also defined human resource.

Storey (1995) see, human resources as a distinctive approach to employment management which seeks to achieve competitive advantage through the strategic deployment of a highly committed and capable workforce, using an array of cultural, structural and personnel techniques.

According to Bratton and Gold (2007), they described it as a strategic approach to managing employment relations which emphasizes that leveraging people’s capabilities is critical to achieving competitive advantage, this being achieved through a distinctive set of integrated employment policies, programs and practices.

Undeniably, it is crystal and evidently clear that the duo has multiple functions to play in every organisation, although they happen to convey under different bodies, they are still inseparable, as they need each other to reach the organizations goals and objectives.

The duo partners to build relationship and growth of a business. Public relations, is the public eye of the organization, while human resources bags the responsibility of hiring, firing and training of employees while public relations sector can also perform some of human resources duties.

Human resources deal with the administration of human resources policies, procedures, and programs. Specialists in the field of human resources have reached a conclusion that, Human resources officer’s responsibilities are preparing, updating and documenting employment records related to hiring, transferring, promoting, and terminating. They also explain human resources law, policies, procedures and standards to new and existing employees. Human resources personnel process new hire paperwork.

An organization without public relations and human resources is undeniably incomplete, as public relations and human resources serves as the life of any organization.

Tunde Eso

Public Relations Specialist



Lagos, Nigeria.

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