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Only Restructuring, Sound Economy Can Solve Insecurity In Nigeria- Gani Adams



Iba Gani Adams

LAGOS- Aare Onakakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Adams has said that the issue of insecurity in the country can only be resolved through restructuring and building a strong economy.

Adam’s while speaking with DAILY INDEPENDENT on Sunday said that the issue on ground in the country had gone beyond insecurity. He stressed that poverty had remained a huge challenge, pointing out that if there is no sound economy, no food on the table, no matter the security structure on ground, it would not work.

Aare maintained that for the country to have a very strong economy it would need to be  to restructured.

He said, “With the way things are going  in the country, Nigeria security architecture  must be restructured, each region should provide regional,  State and local government police. Another challenge is that the level of poverty in the country is very high now. Any country that has the quantum of poverty as we have it now, will always have high level of insecurity.”

“You can imagine the statement of the Sultan of Sokoto that the entire North is taken over by bandits, and they are operating freely in the North, so the same thing is happening in the South-West now. South-West that used to have relative peace is now having pockets of security challenges.”

The leader of Oodua  Peoples Congress (OPC) said that it would be a waste of time to talk of security in isolation, stressing  that the issue is beyond that. According to him; lack of sound economy and high level of poverty had remained major causes of insecurity in the country.

He said, “To have a very strong economy we need to restructure this country on regional basis, every zone should provide adequate infrastructure, jobs for the citizens living within the zones, provide good economy  and there will be no excuse for any citizen living in that region to involve in crime.”

 While reacting to issue of criminality and kidnapping in South West region, and why the impact of Amotekun has not been felt, Aare said that not all the States have taken off its operations of Amotekun,  but said however, that what was happening in the region was beyond Amotekun. He said that the South-West would need a strong security structure that would go beyond  Amotekun.

“Amotekun is just a security outfit, and with the latest development i think we need to restructure the country. Nigeria security  architecture must be restructured. If regions should have regional, State and local government police, it would go a long way in addressing insecurity”, he said.

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