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Buhari-led administration is putting Nigerians into serious debt – Nzeh Ezeocha



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The Group Political Editor, Authority Newspaper, Nzeh Ezeocha, has frowned at the way the Federal Government has been borrowing loans.


Speaking on AIT’s breakfast programme, Kakaaki, on Friday, Ezeocha said that the Buhari-led administration is putting Nigerians into serious debts; “debts that we don’t know which generation will pay.”


Expounding, the Political Editor said that with the rate of borrowings from China by the presidency, the future of Nigeria has been handed over to China in the name of infrastructure.

“Are we seeing the infrastructures, are they evenly distributed, to what effect have they reflected positively on the people,” he questioned?

Chuka Akunna, the Executive Director, Authority Newspaper, speaking on the arrest of the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, said that the National Intelligence Agency, NIA’s arrest of Kanu in Kenya was shocked by the Department of Security Service, DSS, which led to the raid of Sunday Agboho’s residence.

Responding to a comment by the Minister of Information on the luxury lifestyle of Kanu, Ezeocha said he thinks the Federal Government should use Kanu’s rearrest to right the wrongs people have continued to complain about the southeast and the south-south.

“The government should use the arrest to ask themselves why Kanu has a lot of supporters within and outside the country. The agitation of IPOB has gone beyond Nnamdi Kanu. Looking at the followership and reactions, the way the people of the south-south and southeast have followed this agitation, the call for restructuring, equity, not accepting a particular people in a country, has gone beyond an individual. Wole Soyinka said that you can always kill a man with ideas but not his ideas.

“There is this applaudable zeal the Federal Government used in the rearrest of Nnamdi Kanu. You can imagine how much Nigeria has spent in resources, money, to trace him for two years, according to the Minister. If Nigeria can put one-quarter of that in Nigeria; are you telling me they don’t know the bandits, the leaders of the Miyetti Allah, those who go to the bush to discuss with the bandits?”

Source: AIT