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“COVID-19 has become a Full-Scale Business in Nigeria” Ben Ayade, Governor of Cross-Rivers State Claims



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During an interview on Channels TV earlier this morning, the Governor of Cross-Rivers State, Ben Ayade mentions that COVID-19 has become a full-scale business for some set of people serving as a medium to exploit Nigerians. He says “You do not have to be a scientist to see the loopholes and business elements. Why can’t Nigeria produce her test kits? Why can’t we have our own vaccination plants to produce Vaccines? Nigerians are endowed, very intelligent people by nature.” 
He referenced one of his friends to buttress his motion that COVID-19 has become a full-scale business in the country. He says “my Chinese friend who lives in Switzerland told him that he has made quite a fortune, importing reagents out of the Philippines.”
Governor Ayade also reveals the reason why he has not been testing random people on the basis of having contact with infected person(s) in his state- Cross-Rivers. He says that the tests conducted in Nigeria to diagnose Coronavirus lack reproducibility and reliability. Thus, he only tests people with symptoms of the virus.
Additionally, he says Malaria and Coronavirus share so much in common. Thus, for us in Malaria endemic world, we are naturally immune to the Coronavirus. He says that it is even the case that when you sneeze in our country, the virus escapes and falls into hell because it can’t stand an atmospheric temperature of 32 and we sometimes have 42 hot temperature in Nigeria. So, what are we talking about? We are really being exploited and we must shut our doors.
Governor Ben Ayade who has a PhD in Environmental Microbiology also claims that he is learned, smart, and exposed, thus, he dare not follow blindly, he will lead from the front.
Lastly, he says “I can tell you that testing for Coronavirus has gone Ecopolitical”, he asserts. He says that it is more reagents, more money for some people but as for him, it is about Science and Reality and when someone has a wrong mentality definitely he will have a wrong reality.
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