Empowerments done by Yayi not from his personal pocket, but govt funds- Group insists

Senator Yayi

A socio-democratic group, Yewa/Awori Youth Network has accused the Senator representing Ogun West at the National Assembly, Solomon Olamilekan Adeola, popularly known as Yayi of allegedly personalising projects funded by the government.

The group accused that the Senator of allegedly conniving with some federal government agencies to portray projects funded by the government as something done from his personal pocket.

Recalled that Yayi had recently claimed to have launched a scholarship and bursary scheme by empowering 1,600 students across the five local governments in the Ogun West Senatorial district.

The education support scheme tagged: 1st Yayi Scholarship/Bursary Award Programme, held in Ilaro, Yewa South Local Government Area of Ogun State, saw selected indigent students in 53 tertiary institutions benefiting from the financial support.

Speaking at the event, Senator Adeola said the scheme was in fulfillment of his electoral promises to the people and youths of Ogun West.

But the Yewa group in a statement by its general secretary, Abidemi Gandonu said the Senator Adeola violated the procurement act by tagging them as his personal financed projects.

Gandonu also alleged that some projects reportedly meant for the Lagos West were reportedly brought to Ogun West, insisting that the action by the Senator contravene the procurement act.

Citing findings by a project tracking organisation, Tracka, the Yewa group general secretary said investigation reveals a pattern of deceit, where government-funded projects are repackaged as personal donations to deceive the public.

He noted that Tracka’s findings emphasise how projects like ambulances and tricycles, touted as personal contributions by Senator Olamilekan, are, in fact, financed by taxpayers’ money.

The statement further read, “The narrative of benevolent gestures masks a deeper reality, one where political agendas intertwine with federal resources, blurring the lines between public service and personal gain.

“The spectacle unfolds with a script familiar to seasoned observers: a politician parades as a benefactor, showering constituents with scholarships, empowerment programs, and a medley of commodities under the guise of personal initiatives. However, a closer inspection reveals a convoluted web of government projects camouflaged as altruistic donations, executed with meticulous precision to garner political capital.

“Senator Adeola Olamilekan Yayi’s playbook, honed from previous exploits in Lagos West Senatorial District, remains consistent. His purported acts of generosity, exemplified by the recent distribution of scholarship cheques, bursaries, and assorted items to Ogun West constituents, echo a recurring theme of political theatrics. Yet, behind the veil of magnanimity lies a carefully orchestrated charade, facilitated by federal agencies complicit in the illusion.

“As the charade unravels, questions arise about the source of funds fueling Senator Olamilekan’s ostentatious displays of generosity. With over two decades in public service, scrutiny over the sudden influx of resources into his purported personal projects intensifies. The illusion of philanthropy, meticulously crafted by Senator Olamilekan, crumbles under the weight of public scrutiny, revealing a tale of deceit and manipulation.

“The saga surrounding Senator Olamilekan underscores the urgent need for transparency and accountability within Nigeria’s political landscape. The illusion of benevolence must be dismantled, exposing the truth beneath the facade. Only through collective action and unwavering resolve can Nigeria transcend the shadows of political deceit, forging a path towards genuine progress and equitable representation for all its citizens.

“In the pursuit of ethical governance, citizens must remain vigilant, holding politicians accountable for their actions. The collaboration between Tracka and other civil society organizations exemplifies the power of grassroots movements in uncovering truth and promoting transparency. It is imperative that the narrative of political charades be confronted head-on, paving the way for a future where accountability and integrity reign supreme in Nigerian politics.

“As we reflect on the intricacies of political theater and the illusion of benevolence perpetuated by figures like Senator Adeola Olamilekan Yayi, we are reminded of a timeless saying: “The greatest magic trick ever known to mankind is to put a piece of meat in the mouth and make it disappear.” Just as the art of sleight of hand mesmerizes audiences, so too do the grand gestures of politicians captivate constituents.

“In the case of Senator Yayi, the illusion of philanthropy serves as a veil, obscuring the truth of government-funded projects repackaged as personal donations. Like the vanishing act of the meat, the transformation of public resources into tokens of generosity is a sleight of hand that beguiles the public eye.”

The group, however, called on relevant government agencies, including the ICPC, EFCC, and other oversight bodies to thoroughly probe Senator Adeola Olamilekan and other lawmakers who disguise government projects as their personal donations.

The statement further stressed, “Given Senator Olamilekan’s extensive tenure in government since 2003, questions about the source of his personal wealth must also be addressed.

“Transparency and accountability demand nothing less as we strive to uphold the principles of good governance and serve the best interests of the Nigerian people.

“However, just as skilled magicians unveil their secrets, so too must we unravel the charades of political deception. By exposing the truth behind the facade and demanding accountability, we reclaim our power as vigilant citizens. The pursuit of transparency and ethical governance becomes our mandate, ensuring that the greatest magic trick of all—manipulating public trust for personal gain—never again casts its spell over the people.”

Meanwhile, a quick search by our correspondent revealed that the projects reportedly financed by Senator Adeola and celebrated during empowerment programme were in the 2023 Zonal Intervention Projects document.

It was discovered that some of the projects funded by the federal government were supposed to be carried out under the supervision of government’s agencies, including Federal Cooperative Colleges, Institutes of Oceanography, Fisheries Colleges, and Professional Registration Councils.

During the search, it was discovered that while Senator Adeola was the facilitator of some of the projects, they were solely funded by the federal government and not the Senator.

Below are Federal government agencies that funded projects facilitated by Senator Yayi;

1. Federal Cooperative College, Oji River

2. Federal Cooperative College, Ibadan

3. Nigerian Institute of Oceanography and Marine Technology and National Productive Centre, Abuja (N50,000 for 5,000 traders)

4. Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology, Lagos

5. Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria

6. Computer Professional Registration Council of Nigeria

7. Federal College of Freshwater Fisheries

8. New Bussa

9. Nigeria Institute for Oil Palm Research, NIFOR, Benin

Meanwhile, Ogun West Coalition for Good Governance (OWECOGG) has berated a group, Yewa/Awori Youth Network, for falsely accusing the senator representing Ogun West senatorial district at the National Assembly, Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola, otherwise known as Yayi of alleged conversion of Federal Government-funded projects to his own personal projects.

OWECOGG equally faulted the allegations that the senator had connived with some federal government agencies to portray projects funded by the government as something done from his personal pocket.

Reacting to the allegations in a statement signed by the convener of the socio-political group, Adeosun Benjamin popularly known as Benji, on Wednesday, in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, said that the accusations of Yewa/Awori Youth Network are not only untrue, but fabricated and sponsored by political traducers of the senator who are afraid of his political stature and popularity, not only in Ogun West, but in the entire state.

According to him, the “faceless group is only doing the job of its puppet masters masking themselves to launch attacks at the senator”.

Adeosun noted further that Senator Adeola has not failed to always indicate that he facilitated the projects to his senatorial district to enhance the socio-economic development of Ogun West, which according to him, has suffered stunted development over the years due to bad representation.

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