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Federal Medical Centre Abeokuta Records Cases of CoronaVirus



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Authorities of the Federal Medical  Centre Idi-Aba, Abeokuta have confirmed the record of two Coronavirus cases in the Centre. 
Three suspected cases were managed at the Accident and Emergency Complex of the Centre within last week. However, two of the patients tested positive while one was negative. 
One of the patients who tested positive was a pregnant woman who passed on on Friday. Her result returned positive on Saturday. Her corpse was released to her husband after careful counseling and due adherence to the World Health Organization ( WHO) guidelines on  such a matter. 
The second patient is a young man who has been transferred to an isolation centre in the state. He is clinically stable. 
Both patients were managed in the Accident and Emergency Complex. They were suspected cases right from onset and hence were isolated from other patients and staff throughout their stay in the unit. 
Similarly, the staff that attended to them observed the prescribed standard protocols and procedures. 
The standard  practice of contact tracing, decontamination amongst others have commenced. 
To this end, the Accident and Emergency Complex where the patients were admitted  has been temporarily shut down to allow for a thorough  on-going decontamination exercise while  patients have been properly re-located .
Similarly, the Hospital ambulances, Ambulance bay are being decontaminated.
It should be stated that the hospital embarked on a comprehensive fumigation of all buildings in the Centre a month ago. The exercise is still on-going.
In addition, the Management has put in  place additional measures which includes the following:
¶ All  persons entering into the hospital premises are required to  observe hand-washing  protocol or use hand sanitizer at the entrance gates.
¶ All persons within the hospital premises are required to wear face masks.
¶ Henceforth, patients’ relatives in the vicinity of the wards must hold valid visitors’ cards.
¶ All members of staff  MUST wear face masks while attending to patients.
The Medical Director, Prof Adewale Musa-Olomu, has allayed the fears of the staff, patients, their relatives  and the general public stressing that there was nothing to be afraid of, assuring that the Management was on top of the situation.
“ As a responsible health institution, we have initiated some anti panic measures to put the mind of all our people at rest that there was nothing to be afraid of after all.
“As of now, the hospital does not have any coronavirus patient.* We will ensure a total adherence to all the measures earlier mentioned in this statement.”
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