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Group uncovers plans by Deji Adeyanju, Boko Haram sponsors  to promote terrorism



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A youth group known as Concerned Northern Youths Against Terrorism said it has uncovered plot sponsor of Deji Adeyanju of the Peoples Democratic Party and Boko Haram to promote terrorism in Nigeria.
The group at a press conference on Wednesday, said it has uncovered renewed push by agents of destabilization to advance Boko Haram objectives in Nigeria using paid activists.
Abubakar Jamilu, President of the group  called on security agencies to go after Adeyanju so as to prevent unrest in Nigeria.
His speech below.
Gentlemen of the press, permit us to draw your attention to the social media account of one Comrade Deji Adeyanju. Before we go into details of the concerns we have about his propaganda activities however, we wish to give you a brief background of what we have come to know of this man before the nature of what he engages in first popped up on our radar.
Adeyanju, who identifies as the Convener of Concerned Nigerians, only recently left prison custody in Kano over a culpable homicide case filed against him by the Nigeria Police Force. The defence his team has been peddling in this matter is that it was that have been decided upon by the Kano State High Court in 2009. The dating of the alleged crime itself, over a decade old, is a pointer to how Adeyanju is not new to being inconsiderate for human life for him to have been involved in such controversy in his youth.
We want you to equally know that Adeyanju was the one that suggested to radicalized extremists of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) to bring violent protests into Abuja, the nation’s capital. As we all know, the protests, during which IMN members took on security forces turned out to be deadly and costly in terms of the lives lost. 
Even though he professes to a different creed, he was on ground with the protesters until funds dried up (before he was arrested and remanded in the prison) and he left them. The so called IMN members were usually sourced from Mararaba, Nyanya, Kubwa, Gwagwalada etc and were all paid for by Deji and his goons which many people have captured on camera before .
The financial nature of his transactional activism is attested to by his falling out with Charles Oputa (Charlie Boy) over disagreement on the remittances of the money made with their activists for hire group, Our Mumu Don Do. In his bid to ensure that he corners the group for himself, he mobilized his followers to announce the sack of Charlie Boy. This action confirms that Adeyanju is not new to treasonous treachery.
To the extent that Adeyanju confines his activities to the sphere of those that are gullible enough to part with their money in exchange for his activist intervention, we have no issues with him. But his most recent foray has attracted our interest and anger because he is on the way to setting our region on fire with his greed. We don’t wish to be reminded of the activities of Boko Haram again in the north or any part of the country. 
We have been able to confirm that Deji Adeyanju has been heavily mobilized some undisclosed amount of money running into millions of naira  by Iranian authorities to resume his promotion of acts of terrorism in the country. Seeing that IMN has lost steam, Adeyanju has deloyed his terrorist propaganda activities in favour of Boko Haram and Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP). 
He has been replicating primary and secondary terrorist contents on his Twitter handle and other social media accounts. On his Twitter handle, @adeyanjudeji, he has been promoting contents from ISIS owned Amaq News Agency, and in addition uses contents that the terrorists apparently deliver to him directly. He augments these with fake news and analyses to cause the maximum fear among the population.
In specific terms, Adeyanju is sharing videos and pictures that he claims depict Boko Haram making gains against Nigerian forces. He interspersed these media with snide remarks about the government of the day. It is apparent that these pictures and videos are meant to undermine the Nigerian state. 
Considering that Adeyanju’s actions contravene the Terrorism (Prohibition) 2011, we have nothing against him adding terrorism charges to the homicide case he already has, but we take strong exceptions to him plying his evil trade in a manner that directly has implications  for peace and security in our region. We therefore  urge Adeyanju  to be concerned about defending himself in the case of murder against him. He should stop feigning unnecessary activism to distract Nigerians from the crime which he has committed against humanity. A murderer is not a responsible person in the society to be taken seriously. 
In view of the risk Adeyanju has constituted himself into, we call on law enforcement agencies to immediately investigate his collusion with foreign interests to revive Boko Haram. These agencies should partner the Economic and Financial  Crimes Commission (EFCC) to track payments made into Adeyanju’s bank accounts with the objective of identifying those that fall under the Terrorism (Prohibition) Act 2011.
Meanwhile, the security agencies should be at alert as Adeyanju reportedly has a brief to resuscitate IMN protests with a specific goal of making them deadly. They must not allow Adeyanju additional arsenal to turn the people against the government. Operatives must be briefed that there are agents that have been mobilized to produce and manipulate video and photographs that would be used to accuse them of rights abuses.
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