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Kogi judge wants FG to address social injustice



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The Nigerian government has been told to address issues of social injustice and other factors responsible for separatist agitations across Nigeria.


Justice Alaba Akileye of the Kogi State High Court, Lokoja, who was a Guest Speaker at the Law Students’ Association Week held at Salem University Lokoja, suggested a multi-dimensional approach to addressing terrorism in Nigeria.


From the North to the South, the clamour for separation is now being echoed across all the regions that believe their stake in the Nigerian state is not guaranteed.

Speaking on the theme: The Legal Framework for the Prevention of Terrorism in Nigeria, Justice Ajileye Alaba, called on the Nigerian government to identify and quickly address the push factors for the various secessionist and separatist agitations in the country.

Justice Alaba attributed government inaction in the area of quick legislation on issues related to terrorism as reasons for its escalation.

Some of the students who spoke to us said it is important the government come up with ways to address the current regional agitations.