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Nigerian filmmaker Mo Abudu acquires right to Produce a movie on Hushpuppi



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Nigerian media mogul, Mo Abudu and popular Hollywood filmmaker, Will Packer, have acquired the rights to a Bloomberg article on the controversial Instagram star, Hushpuppi.


Taking to her verified Instagram page to make the announcement, the Ebony Life CEO explained that it was important they told the story to retain its authenticity.


According to Mo Abudu, many lessons could be learned from good and bad stories just like in Hushpuppi’s case.

“Further to the announcement just made about our partnership with Will Packer Productions and Universal Pictures, some of you might ask, why do we choose to tell a story like this?

“Firstly, there are many lessons to be learnt from good and bad stories.

“Secondly if we do not tell this story, someone else will and to ensure that this story is told with authenticity, a Nigerian storyteller with our pedigree needs to be involved.

“Too often, these types of characters are one-dimensional and feed into the worst stereotypes.

“Hushpuppi’s story is based on a real person whose story is already partly known to the world but the film gives us a real chance to tell a cautionary tale about a character formed by his environment and life choices.

“The films of Martin Scorsese are a great example of a filmmaker telling richly layered stories of criminal characters from his heritage that we’ve all grown to love, without ever creating the impression that all Italian-Americans are members of the mafia. Needless to say, all Nigerians are not 419 scam artists”. The statement concludes.

Recall that popular internet fraudster, Ramon Olorunwa Abbas popularly known as Hushpuppi was in June 2020 arrested by a combined team of the FBI and Dubai police at his Dubai base and currently facing prosecution at A United States District Court in California.