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OGSIEC Orchestrated Ogun PDP’s Withdrawal from Local Government Polls in OGUN State



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The Fact of the Withdrawal
The Peoples Democratic Party in Ogun State after a Court Judgement on Thursday, 23rd July, 2021 decided to withdraw participation in the 2021 Local Government election on the party’s volition following calculated plots and shenanigans by Ogun State Independent Electoral Commission to prevent PDP from participating in the Council polls.


The reasons for the withdrawal by the party from the Council polls are enumerated below:

  1. OGSIEC played the role of a partisan and biased umpire as the Commission chose to create a non existing faction in PDP. OGSIEC decided to hand over nomination forms meant for party candidates to an individual despite several evidences presented by the only existing State Exco of the party led by Hon. Sikirulai Ogundele as State Chairman.
  2. OGSIEC also defiled the Consent Judgement of a Federal High in Abuja delivered on 22nd June, 2021 which affirmed Hon. Sikirulai Ogundele led Exco as the authentic State Exco of PDP by refusing to hand over the nomination forms to the recognized State Executive.
  3. Although, the Judgement of Ogun State High Court delivered on Thursday, 22nd July, 2021 by Justice Gboyega Ogunfowora which also REAFFIRMS the Federal High Court’s CONSENT JUDGEMENT that confirmed Hon. Sikirulai Ogundele led Exco as the only party Exco in Ogun State and dismissed the application for a joinder by the individual, Alhaji Leke Shittu whom OGSIEC has been relating with, on the basis that he has no locus standing as a State Exco of PDP in Ogun State.

Based on the above facts, Ogun State PDP has absolutely NO CONFIDENCE in OGSIEC in conducting a free and fair Council election.

The Court judgement delivered on Thursday which reaffirmed Hon. Sikirulai Ogundele led Exco as the only PDP Exco in Ogun ruled that the Consent Judgement in favour of Hon. Sikirulai Ogundele led Exco was received by OGSIEC after the date for submission of candidates had closed, hence the Party cannot substitute names of the candidates.

In view of the above facts, the Peoples Democratic Party decided to withdraw participation from the Council election as OGSIEC has clearly shown the Commission’s bias towards the wishes of the ruling party.