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Ogun PDP: Time To Display Political Pragmatism – Olumide Okueyungbo



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The year 2020 has been a remarkable one as series of unforseen events literally shook human existence to its very foundations. So fast and hard it hit, relegating all known human permutations and forecasts.

The political space in Ogun State is not spared in all these with the exit of an Icon, Prince Buruji Kashamu. A leader who meant different things to different people. He was loved in some quarters, feared by many, respected by multitides and at the same time also avoided by many. May his soul continually rest in peace.


One remarkable thing was that after he passed on, two prominent sons of Remo land, Dr Doyin Okupe and Otunba Gbenga Daniel gave separate accounts of their very last discussions with the Late Senator and both had one thing in common. TRUCE!!!. 

This may as well be termed the last wishes of a dying man which is sacrosanct. It may as well have been a perfectly concealed personal desire unknown to his followers. The reasons for this also abounds and inasmuch as one could make accurate guesses, making assumptions would seem inappropriate. 

Magnifying the intent “TRUCE”, it is not difficult to conclude that he wanted to make atonement politically. He had spent fortunes fighting several gladiators to a standstill. He had put on hold the aspirations of many. Every electioneering involving the Ogun PDP since 2015 moved from bad to worse. At the time, the more acceptable, homegrown politicians were substituted with less known individuals at the grassroots. Between 2015 and 2019, the disintegration continued with the Late Senator unperturbed. Several politicians with roots in the PDP too numerous to mention all together avoided the choke hold and continued their aspirations on new platforms. 

However, one highly rugged Iperu man, Hon. Ladi Adebutu, who seemingly understood that power is never served, stood his ground and resourcefully fought the battle unlike in 2015 when OGD simply pulled his men out leaving GNI to his fate with Kashamu. The Ladi Adebutu – Kashamu imbroglio has proven to be the greatest of all time in the democratic history of Ogun State, and in a “fight to finish” style, it continued until the death of Kashamu.

In all these the grassroot suffered and continue to suffer in the hands of the present crop of politicians running the affairs of the state. This is a well-known fact and it calls for pragmatism on the part of the PDP. 


As Ladi Adebutu committed his resources into bringing back many breakouts of the PDP back into the fold, the onus lies on OGD, the biggest beneficiary of the platform in the state since its creation, and the current leader of the Late Buruji group to foster the next phase of the harmonisation campaign without delay. 

As a living statesman, OGD must strive to leave a legacy of a thriving opposition required to provide checks and balances in accordance to globally established democratic tenets. 

Leaders and members alike at the grassroot should be made to understand that the field work required to oust the APC in 2023 is nearly 80% complete the moment we warmly embrace ourselves. 

The battle for the party structure should be laid to rest and the soul of the party itself should be tendered. We must all come to realise that the good people of Ogun State sees our unison as a breath of fresh air and we must dress it up and live up to their yearnings. 

God bless Ogun PDP, 

God bless Ogun State. 

Olumide Okueyungbo.

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