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OPINION: Sunday Igboho And His Kinsmen Love For Chains – Olu Okueyungbo



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Chief Sunday Adeyemo

Igboho would never have become this popular.
The “chain-loving” Yoruba’s aided his prominence.


If your leaders, especially the political class had made certain things very clear to those cows running the country, there wouldn’t have been a ‘Sunday’ agitating.


Even now, when you really ought to be ashamed that it was a not too lettered man that rose and mobilised in defence and justice, and not your thieving legislators or your slave masters who can never go wrong, you are having bubbles upon hearing the news of his arrest on trumped charges.

How disgusting! Your love for chains that is!!

The fulanis, in their thousands pervade the length and breadth of the country with sophisticated weapons while your president looks on. They have brought down fighter jets and military helicopters, and not one of them behind bars but Sunday is the terrorist attempting to start a war with ‘shakabula’.

They have raped your sisters in their thousands, kidnapped, maimed and taken your brothers sources of livelihood but Sunday is your problem.

At this juncture, it is needless to reiterate that your foolishness stinks.

One thing I know for sure is that it will so get to you lots in tougher dimensions that it will not be long before you appear at the forefront of the struggle for emancipation.

Igboho will be free and I hope he will have the courage to abandon you to your fate however impossible it may seem.

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