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Rivers guber: Don’t drag DSS into your assault on democracy- Group warns Wike



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The Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has been warned against rubbishing the image and efforts of the Department of Security Service, DSS, to score cheap political points. 

National Democratic Front, which gave the warning, said Wike developed the habit of trying to compromise security agencies ahead of the Rivers State governorship election collation.  
NDF in a statement hailed DSS and Army personnel as professionals who can never be compromised and no amount of intimidation will force them to abandon the duty of safeguarding the country
Comrade Jasper Ojua, the Publicity Secretary of the group said it was appalled that Wike has continued with his perverted mission of destroying the credibility of critical national institutions in his bid to make the state a breakaway region of Nigeria, with the Department of State Services (DSS) being his latest target. 
The statement warned that the attitude of undermining Nigeria for the interest of one individual is unacceptable in its totality.
The statement reads below.
The DSS was compelled to defend itself against Wike’s allegation that it was acting under instructions to undermine the electoral process in River state, which was suspended following elements of uncertainty, industrial scale violence and compromise of officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) by the Rivers State Governor.
The DSS is the most recent in the long list of Federal Agencies that Wike has falsely accused of interfering with the elections. The Nigerian Army, the Nigerian Air Force, the Nigeria Police Force, upstanding INEC officials that resisted being compromised amongst others have been accused by the governor at one time or the other of working on instruction from Abuja.
Wike might think he would be able to stave off judgement day indefinitely but lying that the DSS is working against the completion of the electoral process is disingenuous and will not avail him much especially when the world knows that he alone has to put an end to the orgy of violence he has mobilized against his own people for the process to resume and be concluded. The shock of being rejected by Rivers people, who have become wiser to his antics, is certainly what is making him hallucinate to the point of placing the blame on the doorsteps of agencies that have done much to prevent Rivers state from descending into chaotic hell.
This behaviour of the part of the governor is not surprising since it is typical of a drowning of person to clutch at the air, but Wike should know that he must not drag the name of the DSS in the mud having failed in its attempt to blackmail the Nigerian Army, Police and INEC. Like the Nigerian Army that displayed utmost professionalism in line with grand norm, the DSS has professionally proven its mettle in the course of providing cover during the elections and should not be added to Wike’s shopping list of agencies to discredit because they did not compromise to avoid rigging.
Perhaps Wike’s actual grouse with the DSS has more to do with his thug’s inability to impersonate the operatives of the service as they did with the military. He is also upset with the Service for blocking his attempts to promote separatist sentiments in River state. But same as Wike’s ‘boys’ were unable to impersonate the DSS, he should note that the service, like the Nigerian Army, will not compromise to partially take sides with him against the wishes of the electorates.
Instead of throwing tantrums and hallucinating a non-existent gang-up of federal agencies against him, Wike should rather focus on articulating his defence at the expiration of his immunity when the people of Rivers state drag him before various judicial institutions over the theft of their resources, attempt to pervert their votes, murder of their loved ones, attempting to declare a Rivers state secession from Nigeria and radicalization of their youths into terrorists. By the time the consequences of these sins against his own people start coming home to roost he would definitely be blaming the Nigerian Prison Service for accepting to making him serve the resulting multiple jail terms.
The National Democratic Front there advises Wike to desist from the already flopping strategy of discrediting security and military agencies in the hope that they will abandon Rivers state to allow him have the chance at successfully manipulating the elections. Even if he were to succeed in sending this agencies out of the state, which he is not constitutionally empowered to do, the rejection that he has suffered at the polls still stands and will not be reversed when the electoral process resumes and is completed with Rivers state remaining an integral part of Nigeria contrary to Wike’s wish to declare it a breakaway region.
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