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The Shameful End Of Nnamdi Kanu!



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By Prince Ugo 
He sauntered on the pulpit with an over bloated ego and image of an emancipator or messiah. He wrapped himself in the toga of the revered Ikemba of Nnewi, Chief Odemegwu Ojukwu  (of blessed memory) and solicited for red carpet treatments at traditional ceremonies of his kinsmen  on the plank of championing the cause of an independent  Republic  of Biafra from Nigeria.  But only outlaws were his companions and adherents.
Controversial leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu cleverly drugged this clan of minions with the infectious pill of marginalization of his people. They accepted it hook and sinker, unknowingly clapping at the face of a new “liberator” of Igbo nation.  It was all fake and artificial!
Kanu had ulterior motives and later on, it manifested in his stealthy antics of extorting his people through a canny gimmicks he coated, as donations to the Biafran cause.  The IPOB leader dispossessed both the poor and rich in Igboland, at home and in the diaspora.
 What he could not extort from them through donations for a phony secessionists struggle, he raised a gang of armed criminals who lay siege on the Southeast, as armed robbers, killers, assassins, kidnappers for ransom and looters of raided shops/homes of their own people.  Thus, he is nothing admirable beyond a conman of the finest breed, gatherer of armed criminals and an alarmist. But his palace jesters hailed him; those whose knowledge of freedom and liberation is only defined by a Republic of Biafra, ignored his antics and donated money to him.          
Worthlessly, Kanu, within a short time displayed his true colours to Nigerians and his kinsmen.  From a presumed separatist fighter,  to a political activist to  a conman and now a sex maniac and activist. No man worth his esteem, prides in violating the privacy and romantic fortress of his own wife- Uchechi Okwu Kanu in an embarrassing video that has gone viral.
But who has bewitched Kanu or his blind followers? To get a glimpse that Kanu has nothing upstairs, he stood up defending this disgraceful public immorality. 
And perhaps, to cover his shame, Kanu tweeted that;   “When I repeatedly announced on radio that you are intoxicatingly beautiful, most didn’t quite understand.  Now millions can bear me witness. Even after childbirth, as adorably divine as ever. In the end we always win. #Biafra rocks!” It smacks more like yahoo boys hangout chats.
Nothing can demean a people and ridicule a cause like this latest outing of Kanu. It beats the imagination that some of his cultic followers have seen no wrong with it and in fact, are defending this sacrilege. They have narrowed it down to a personalized Kanu and his lifestyle, instead of looking at the broader picture of the damage to the cause he symbolizes.    
IPOB chieftain, Uche Okafor-Mefor so brainlessly argued that “The video making rounds about the leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is not new, it has been in circulation since 2013/2014 and as such nothing to be surprised about.” 
But Kanu himself has not claimed it’s an old sex video. This was after Okafor-Mefor fruitlessly attempted to blame the current occupants of Aso Rock for sponsoring hackers to invade Kanu and Wife’s romantic session. If this account has any substance, was President Muhammadu Buhari in Aso Rock by 2013/2014 when Okafor-Mefor claimed the video was in circulation?
And anyone who stands logic on its head spews jaundiced thoughts like;  “We note that employing of this cowardly conduct remains in the circumstances the only response-and-panic-control strategy from the already destabilized, panicky Aso Rock cabals and their e-rats to try to regain their battered and tattered image.”
Another IPOB fanatic also defended it by insisting there is nothing wrong with Kanu having sex with wife, which is very agreeable. However, to blind himself to the consciousness of personally or consenting to recording of oral sex session of  Kanu with his wife is the height of hypocrisy and downright carelessness by the IPOB leader. Cellphones could be misplaced, stolen or get into wrong hands for whatever reason and the videos could leak.
And insulting the sensibilities of Nigerians, this  IPOB enthusiast  attempted to liken Kanu to great warlords  and averred so ghoulishly  that “And one of the trademarks of this class of people from Hannibal, Caesar, Che, Ojukwu, Musaveni et al, is beautiful women. So, it even falls in on a good ground to depict Kanu as a woman’s man, except that in this case, the said tape involves him and his wife.”
There is scant evidence that that Nnamdi Kanu’s personality is anywhere near any famed warlord, anywhere in the world. He came on stage when he formed IPOB and flaunted himself pretentiously as leader of a separatist movement. Initially, some gullible and unsuspecting Southeasterners believed his sermons. They thought a support to the cause was necessary and they did.
Shockingly, Kanu squandered this goodwill in a short time. What sold him out as a merchant of violence and extortion was the quality of those he assembled as foot soldiers. They were crooks, killers, assassins, criminals and the likes. That’s why it was easy for IPOB to callously execute extra-judicially those who opposed his brand of secession agitations.
Kanu’s close adherents were on a familiar terrain and an imposed sit-home order by IPOB  on the Southeast was enough excuse for his armies to invade, kill and loot the people of their properties. No secession agitation anywhere in the world is anchored on such template or convention.
Armed robberies and kidnappings in the region exacerbated because of the armed miscreants in IPOB’s   Biafra Secret Service (BSS) and the Biafra National Guard (BNG)  who stepped up such criminal activities. It was the intervention of the Presidency through the Nigerian Army with the launch of “Operation Python Dance I, which flushed out the armed gangs  that saved the entrapped people  in the Southeast.      
Sensing the realization of his dubiousness, Kanu and IPOB dabbled into political affairs by issuing reckless orders for Ndi’gbo to boycott governorship elections in Anambra and threatened to visit violence on those who would violate the order.  IPOB initially adopted same posture on the 2019 general elections, but was only forced to backpedal when it became apparent,  the federal government was not ready to tolerate any act that would lead to disruption of elections or prevent people from exercising their civic franchise.  
The “Operation Python Dance II episode  in 2017 at Kanu’s country home,   Afaraukwu, Umuahia Abia state demonstrated the extent enemies of Nigeria hired and backed  Kanu to destabilized  Nigeria. His armed criminals went on the offensive against patrolling soldiers, in unprovoked attacks with dangerous weapons and some soldiers were wounded.
The alarmist Kanu disappeared and went underground, possibly outside the country.  His supporters who sought to twist the narrative claimed he was murdered by state forces. Sensational tales were contrived about his alleged assassination by Nigerian troops to attract sympathy.
Months later, the IPOB leader ‘reincarnated” and was first spotted in public praying at City of David in Jerusalem, Israel. Thereafter, Kanu went into prolonged hiding, only for him to now appear in a scandalous oral sex video with his wife.
Leaders of liberation movements do not play the game  by tricks; they do not abandon supporters and the cause in the heat of tribulations.  So, Nnamdi Kanu is undeserving of the veneration of warlord by every gage. He is just a gold digger, exploiting the wealth and passion of his people for a Biafran state in the guise of separatism struggles.     
At least, the FGN has established that IPOB’s leader  Nnamdi Kanu is funded   from home,  by diasporaens and some foreign countries through donations in an account domiciled in France. He’s being feeding fat on it.
But those who are paying Kanu and funding the aberrational activities of IPOB  to discredit the Buhari Presidency have been shamed.   The IPOB leader has fallen from grace to grass and Buhari, the leader Kanu was paid to hate so much is having the last laugh.
First, Nigeria has remained one indivisible and united entity in the comity of nations. And the IPOB leader has ended up publicizing himself as a debauch, conman and spineless porn star, who has no value even for the nakedness of his own wife.
Ugo is a development expert  and wrote this piece from London, United Kingdom.
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