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OGUN IPAC: Members Rejects Arambabi As Chairman State Management Committee



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Members of Ogun State Chapter of Inter Party Advisory Council (IPAC), have rejected the appointment of Com. Abayomi Arabambi as the Chairman of the State Management Committee (SMC) of the council.


This was made known during an emergency meeting of the council in Abeokuta on Monday.

Adressing members of the council at the meeting, the chairman of the council, Asiwaju Abdulateef Adedamola asked members to either vote in support or against the SMC.

In his reaction, the chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Aare Sola Coker who was listed as the Deputy State Chairman 2 rejected the offer, saying critical stakeholders of the council were not carried along.

“To whosoever must have compiled this list without contacting me or gaining my consent;
I consider this to be an insult to my personality and integrity
Please delete my name from this rubbish immediately,” Aare Coker said.

In his response, another member of the SMC, Otunba Femi Soluade of the PCP dissociate self from the list, describing the offer as contemptuous ridicule to his personality.

Comrade Abayomi Sanyaolu of the AA whose name apeared on the list as the Secretary of the Committee said he wish to serve IPAC and the people of Ogun state but not under the leadership of Com. Arabambi thereby rejecting the offer.

Mrs. Bolanle Bello of the PDC also rejected the offer to serve as the Treasurer of the committee.

“When I was appointed the chairperson of the SMC many years back, my National Chairman was aware of it. As a matter of fact, he was the first person to congratulate me. I am an experienced politician, I will not allow anybody to use me to achieve his own selfish gain. I am not interested in this joke called SMC,” she emphatically stated.

In the same vein, Mr. Oyejide Sunkanmi of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) also rejected his nomination to serve as the Financial Secretary of the SMC.

In his reaction, the chairman of YDP, Mr. Itunu Abioro said he would made his decision known to the House after contacting his National Chairman.

The SMC list was not only rejected by members of the committee, it was also outrightly rejected by party chairmen at the meeting as no one voted in support of the list when they were asked to vote in support or against.

Speaking to reporters at the end of the meeting, the chairman of the council, Asiwaju Adedamola described the SMC list as unpopular.

“You have seen for yourselves that 90 percent of members of the SMC have rejected the offer because critical stakeholders of the council were not carried along. It was not done in line with the code of conduct of IPAC.

“This is not our way in IPAC. Arabambi is trying to impose himself on us in Ogun IPAC. I, Asiwaju Adedamola remain the chairman of IPAC in Ogun state.

Arabambi should desist from a “Wild goose chase”. What he is pursuing is unattainable. He should listen to the voice of wisdom by retracing his steps before it is too late. He is not bigger than the council. He should wait till we have another election,” Adedamola said.

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